Residential Professionals:





The 3D Genie wants to partner with you and your company, so we created the Gallery Referral Program for residential product and design professionals.


It's simple.. 

1.   Register with us.  You will be asked to enter your company's web address and your physical address in the 'Create an Account' form. These are what the 3D Genie uses to credit and ultimately pay your account upon receiving a gallery order that was referred by your company.




(After registering with the 3D Genie, you will receive an email containing a custom promo sheet featuring example previews of your product, or service type. It will also include your company logo and your web address. Simply print the flyer and use them as handouts, or leave them on your counter for customers to take.)


2.   Ask your visitors if they would like to see how their decor considerations will look in their room, or on their property? If they are interested, just hand them one of our flyers, or refer them to  (Note: In referring visitors to the 3D Genie, be sure to remind them to enter your company's website in the 'company's web address' field in Step 4 of our order form so that your company will be properly credited for the referral.)

That's it! 


Upon receiving an order referred by your business, a 10% (gross) commission will register on your My Account page! You will be able to track your monthly commissions, overall earnings, even the total number of galleries you have referred! Commissions will be mailed on a monthly basis. If you prefer, you can have your commissions transferred electronically into your account.  (Please email us for details.)



DESIGN PROS (residential):

Designers automatically receive a 10% 'rebate' on all orders received with your website entered into Step 4 of our order form.



You now have access to an incredible marketing service that doubles as a revenue stream!
And it's totally FREE!


no contracts   |   no software    |   no fees   |   built-in sales driver*   |   monthly commissions


Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. Put the 3D Genie to work for you!


* You may wish to implement your own incentive program that offers customers a discount ranging from a percentage, to the entire cost of a preview gallery in exchange for a purchase commitment. Customers love discounts and can be motivated by them!  Naturally the terms and conditions for any such offer are solely at the merchant's discretion.)


Let's get started!