Getting your company name 'out there' has always been an essential component in the life of a business. 

In today's world, the fastest growing and most popular method for marketing your products, or services is via the internet and social media.  The 3D Genie is ideal for promoting your brand throughout the universe of social media and attracting new customers.  That's because every gallery request that has your website entered into Step 4 of our order form will display your company logo along with your customer's name in the gallery page masthead.*




A custom preview gallery is not only a great way for buyers to preview their design and their selections, it can also serve as a powerful marketing tool for your company. In addition to your logo banner at the top of every gallery page, an optional watermark feature is included that will display your company logo in the corner of every preview image if selected.** 


Having your company name and selections burnished into the buyers project photos will also create a stronger presence with them.  Your logo will not only be heavily viewed by your customer, it will reach everyone they wish to share their gallery pages, or preview images with.  Naturally, the more customers you refer to, the more you 'expand your brand'.  (And the more cash you earn!  To learn more click here.)  


By the way, having your company identity appear at the top of each preview gallery is FREE with every referral.  It's a value added benefit that the 3D Genie provides for his professional partners.  


Sell more.  Reach more.  The 3D Genie. 



*When referring visitors to the, be sure you request that they include your web address if you wish to have your company logo featured.


**We recommend utilizing the 'watermark' option only if you choose to place Preview Gallery orders for your customers, or plan to discount the cost of their preview galleries in exchange for a purchase commitment.


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