Q: Will my colors be accurate?
A: Colors will be exactly what you send us.  It is recommended that you view actual swatches, or samples in your project room, or exterior before uploading them into our order form. See our photo tips page for details.


Q: When will I receive my Preview Gallery?
A: Typically, gallery links are sent within 2-4 of receiving an order, however we will send you a notification if the delivery date extends beyond our normal schedule.


Q: Will my samples be in scale to my space?
A: Our previews are 95-100% accurate based on the reference and dimension information we receive, but they are not to be used as a substitute for physically measuring a room and the furnishings that will occupy it for exact clearances.


Q: What if I don't have the exact brand, model, or color name of a given sample?
A: The product text fields are primarily for your benefit by providing a means of  identification for each sample you enter/upload.  You can use any name, color, or style you wish as long as the photo you upload is sufficient reference for us to simulate your choice. If it isn't, we will notify you.


Q: Why am I getting this (missing image) graphic?
A: Chances are this is a flat (paint) color that was generated using hexadecimal numbers on the manufacturers website. The image is not a photo file, so you will need to do a screen grab of the swatch, save it to your PC, or mobile device and then upload that into our online order form.  After you have saved the screen grab, click the red 'x' button to remove the 'circle-backslash symbol' item from your product list, click the 'ADD SAMPLE(S) button and re-upload / enter the product with the valid (screen grab) image into Step 2.