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Ordering a Preview Gallery from the 3D Genie is quick and easy, but before you begin your order, you need to have the following items ready to be uploaded and entered into the order form

Note: All photos need to be saved on and then uploaded from your local drive.


Room, or exterior 'before' photo:
Used to match your preview angle and distance unless otherwise noted on an uploaded drawing/floorplan.

✔ Sample photos:

✔ Sample details: 
(If you wish to request furniture, have at least one dimension ready per item,)
  brand name   |   model / style name   |   color name


✔ Your drawings: (optional)
i.e., room plans / dimensions, product placement or direction, elevations, misc. design notes, etc.
(We support JPEG, GIF, or PNG files)

✔ Product web pages*: (optional)
manufacturer's, or retailer's links
* Though not required, the 3D Genie prefers the
sample's product web page to be entered because it often provides additional details and reference that can be helpful in depicting a visually accurate representation. 


Please see our helpful photo tips before you get started to make sure that the images you upload are '3D Genie friendly'. This will also help ensure that you receive the best possible results.


A Quick Note..

As you may have noticed, The 3D Genie is NOT a shopping cart style website that limits you to choosing only the brands and products presented by a given company, or website. It is a universal order form that allows you to upload ANY of YOUR decor selections and styles from ANY retailer, or manufacturer! 

The sample information you gather and enter will not only tell the 3D Genie what selections you wish to see in each preview, it will also serve as a handy product list FOR YOU that breaks down all of the colors, styles, and brands being featured in each of your scenes!

Only the 3D Genie lets you see the infinite possibilities!


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