"How will it look?" Traditionally, this is the biggest question facing almost all buyers. No matter how long and hard you stare at your drawings and photos, or hold up your swatches and color chips, it is very difficult to envision how the final results will look. In most cases, it isn't until the contractors and delivery trucks leave that you see the true impact of your selections. Sadly, this is too late for many buyers who are left with a sense of regret and wondering, "What if..?"


Those days are now over. The 3D Genie can present how any and all of your design considerations will look once your project is completed. No more guessing, hoping and praying everything will look great, now you can preview your options before you decide.


Actual samples and architectural drawings are critical in providing accurate indications of your new space, however they only offer a fragment, or a suggestion of what the end product will look like. By getting the 'whole picture', you become empowered with the knowledge and flexibility of being able to make the best possible decisions for your residential, or commercial project.


Design with more confidence. Buy with more confidence. The 3D Genie helps you make your wishes come true!


Let's get started!