Ever wonder what hardwood, or tile would look like instead of carpet in the family room?  How about a bold wall color, or some glass cabinet doors in the kitchen?  Now you can see what any and all of your ideas would look like in YOUR space BEFORE deciding which design scheme is best for you! 


The 3D Genie enables you to unleash your creativity like never before.  Our preview galleries provide you with an unlimited canvas allowing you to preview any product, color, or style without the fear of making any wrong choices, or being saddled with any undesirable results. 


In addition to seeing your primary selections come alive in your space, our galleries provide you with the freedom to experiment with endless possibilities! You can now be daring and 'try on' all those styles that you might have otherwise shied away from thinking them to be too risky.  With the 3D Genie, there are no bad choices.  By having the ability to preview your selections, you can rule out any unwanted results at the gallery stage, instead of finding out it isn't what you wanted after the contractors leave. 


The 3D Genie is also ideal for previewing those upgrades you have been considering.  Now you can see the difference they would make and the impact they will have BEFORE you take the plunge.  Harness the freedom to venture beyond your first, or 'safe' choices and see what other possibilities may be out there.  You may end up deciding to go with your original selections, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you explored a number of options and have made the best design choices for your space! 


Why imagine how it will look?  With the 3D Genie, you can see how it will look!


Let's get started!