The 3D Genie was developed to help bridge the age old 'visual gap' that both buyers and professionals have grappled with for ages. Being able to visualize the end results of a significant investment like a new interior design, or new construction has always been an obstacle. Often this uncertainty leads to either poor design decisions, or even a stalemate where plans either get postponed, or they are radically scaled back to limit any unwanted surprises and thus minimize the potential for financial risk.


The 3D Genie solves this problem by converting photos and drawings into photorealistic simulations of what interiors, or exteriors will look like once completed. By greatly diminishing visual uncertainty, buyers are more comfortable with their purchase decisions and sellers have a much easier case to make for their products, or designs.


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It's what we are all about. From product previews to entire site plans, The 3D Genie is at your fingertips ready to bring your styles and designs to life!


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