Below are a few photo guidelines that will help maximize the results of your preview galleries.



We recommend that your project room is relatively tidy, well lit and that you capture the angle and distance that will best showcase your new interior space. (It will not only be featured in your preview gallery, but it will also serve as a matching guide for us.)  For new construction, please upload a photo of a framed in room, preferably with the drywall up, or a sketch with the room dimensions and a furniture plan clearly indicated. If a specific camera angle is requested, simply notate it on your drawing with an arrow.

Ideally, the photo resolution (or file size) should be between 1MB and 3MB.  (A lower resolution setting won't hold the detail very well and a larger file size may prolong upload times.) Photos taken from your tablet, or cell phone are ideal!


SAMPLE PHOTOS - Using web images


Sample photos from brand web sites work well because they are typically accurate and '3D Genie friendly'.

Be sure to save the 'zoom' or enlarged version of the image if available. We also advise that you bookmark, or favorite your product / sample web pages. The 3D Genie has an optional text field in Step 2 that allows you to paste the web address into the order form. Though not required, it is recommended because it often provides additional information that is helpful in portraying an accurate representation of your desired product samples.


Sometimes online images are generated electronically and will not save, or upload properly. If this happens, you will see the red symbol (below) in our order form. Be sure you preview all the photos you have saved off the internet before you upload them to make sure they downloaded properly.


If the web photo / color / image won't allow you to readily save it, simply take a screenshot of it. Here's a link that has instructions for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and more!



SAMPLE PHOTOS - Taking your own

When getting ready to shoot your own sample photos, make sure the area you are in is well lit, or you shoot with the flash on.  (Shooting samples outdoors in daylight also works well.) We recommend that you use existing lighting (no flash) for hard, flat surface samples with glossy finishes like hardwood, or tile samples to avoid glare and reflection. If you choose to use a flash for these samples, try shooting them at an angle.  See our guidelines below.


Pattern Sample Guidelines

Good (Pattern) Sample photos..

- When shooting your own samples, please be sure that they are sharp and evenly well lit. 



Unusable (Pattern) Sample photos..

- No flash spots, glare, or reflections should be present.
- No planks or tiles that are angled or spread apart.
- Room photos can not be used as sample photos.


Repeating Patterns

For wall and furniture covering photos that have a repeating pattern, we ask that you indicate the pattern repeat size, or the pattern (swatch) size in the fields provided.  For all other repeating patterns, or if you are simply unsure of any pattern size, just lay a ruler, or a sheet of 8.5 x 11 in paper with the 11 in. length laid along side of the sample so we can accurately scale your selection. (Don't worry, these measuring items will not be in the final previews.)  If possible, try to snap, or access a photo sample that includes the entire repeating pattern.  Otherwise, the preview will only include that portion of the pattern that is included in the sample image you upload.



Keep in mind that the colors you send the 3D Genie, will be the same colors you see in your previews. If by chance you wish to fine tune the color of your samples, simply access the EDIT/Color function in your device's photo app. Don't have a photo editor? You can easily download among dozens of free ones available to both Android and Apple users. 


Lets get started!