Chances are you will be spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on new interior, or exterior design.  When buying a new outfit, you typically try it on to make sure it not only looks right, but fits right before you buy it.  By comparison, clothing is a mere fraction of the cost of remodeling so why not 'try on' your new decor selections as well?


A custom preview gallery from the 3D Genie enables you to see what your investment will look like BEFORE you make your final selections and BEFORE you make any purchases!  Think of it as a safety net that offers you the flexibility of adding products, changing colors and styles, even canceling certain items without the fear of skyrocketing costs, pressured decisions, or extended installation delays. 


First and foremost, a preview gallery from the 3D Genie affords you peace of mind. Knowing that you can preview your choices, refine your design and ultimately 'nail it' before the contractors arrive dramatically reduces your chance for any unwanted surprises, or any buyer's regrets.  It will also make the decorating/remodeling process far more enjoyable and your investment more financially sound.


Let the 3D Genie help you protect your investment by taking the guess and stress out of your decorating decisions while putting the fun and excitement in!


Let's get started!