The 3D Genie not only takes the guess and stress out of the design decision process, we put the fun and excitement in!  Instead of spending time agonizing over which choices to make and worrying about how everything will look, you will be able to share your ideas with friends and family, methodically refine your style and color selections and then sit back, admire your final design scheme and enjoy the anticipation of getting a fresh new look! 


See what your choices will look like in YOUR space, not in some generic room scene. Most do-it-yourself 'room designers' limit you to just those products sold by that particular manufacturer, or retailer.  Some ask you to upload your own photo and then have you 'go-to-school' on an arduous software application.  This can be a real hassle that requires considerable time and a certain technical aptitude.  And in the end, the results are usually 'shaky' at best. 


The 3D Genie does it all for you with unsurpassed quality and realism.  You just sit back and choose your new look! 


Convenience, peace-of-mind, quality and a commitment to present your vision, your way is what the 3D Genie is all about!

All preview galleries can be accessed from your computer,
tablet, smartphone and smart TV anytime, anywhere! 



Let's get started!